Moby is very proudly an Australian owned and operated company. We strive to offer our customers great design through thoughtful details and our boats are all designed in Australia with our lifestyle and coastal conditions in mind. Moby boats are all built to meet strict CE Certification which is widely regarded as worlds best for recreational boats.

Our fibreglass hulls are all hand made using vacuum absorption molds and materials sourced from the very best marine suppliers from around the world including ORCA hypalon tubes (Belgium), LEAFIELD MARINE valves (UK), ASHLAND resins and gelcoats (USA), and HENKEL adhesives (Germany) delivering a high quality finish with superior hull strength for added durability. Our hulls are hand made by our highly experienced Asian factory partner in a state of the art boat manufacturing facility, final assembly and fitout is completed in Australia including outboard motor and controls, steering system, complete wiring, LED lighting, electronic, fibreglass consoles, flooring, sports tower, and all electronics.  

The result is a very high quality boat that is built for many, many years of enjoyment, with the additional peace of mind that comes with a design that meets the highest recreational boat safety standards in the world.

Inflatable Boats built for normal Aussie families

Together we recognised a gap in the Australian market. While Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are sought-after leisure boats across the US and Europe, they are a rare sight here in Australia. The few quality RIB boats down under are expensive and not designed with leisure in mind. Where were all the inflatable boats built for normal Aussie families wanting an affordable, great-looking boat for fishing, swimming, and leisure boating? To fill the gap, they brought together their unique skill sets to design excellent RIB boats based on three simple guiding principles: 

1. Always choosing the highest quality materials 
2. Finding the optimal design and comfort solutions for leisure boating
3. Making it fun

These three principles are what has allowed us to design killer boats for the next generation. Browse our models

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The benefits of an inflatable boat

There’s no secret that Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are the boat of choice in the military. But what is more unknown perhaps is that the benefits that make the army seek them out are also transferable to leisure boating.

With strong ORCA hypalon tubes protected by further 3mm rubber guard, an inflatable boat can easily moor up to a dock, a rocky cliffside, or to another boat without worry.

The inflatable tubes provide a luxuriously smooth ride and an altogether unique boating experience by offering additional seating. The tubes also act as a stabilizer which significantly reduces roll on the boat compared to a regular hull design.

A RIB can hold a larger engine than its non-inflatable counterparts, making it the faster alternative. What’s even better, their lightweight design not only makes them more fuel efficient, but they can also be towed behind a medium sized car.

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What sets the Moby RIB apart

Our leisure boats are designed to be lightweight, fast, and near unsinkable. Each Moby Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is handmade from the best materials available on the market to fulfil every requirement for quality, longevity and versatility.With a strong fibreglass hull, tubes made from miliatary grade ORCA Hypalon material from Belgium, and stunning teak floors, a Moby RIB withstands wind, weather and every demanding use. Our leisure boats offer maximum performance and remain robust, light and agile.

Offering a complete service

In order to help you hit the water with confidence, it is key to us to offer a long-lasting and complete service. That’s why, when buying a Moby Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) you’ll also enjoy the following services

  • Material repairs of Hypalon and fibreglass
  • Production of completely new hoses
  • Leak detection, patching or seam reassembly
  • Integrate repairs into the design for the perfect look
  • Repair or replacement of transom mirrors
  • Bonding of floors
  • Bonding of hose and hull with RIBs
  • Preparation of boats for care or resale
  • With Moby you are also free to customise colours, materials and extra details to make your inflatable boat unique

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Do you want to learn more about what sets the Moby Rigid Inflatable Boats apart? Ask us anything.We are ready and happy to answer any questions about your current boat, a personal dream model or the best advice to prepare you for the exciting world of water sports.Feel free to reach out to us on phone, by filling in our online enquiry form, or by sending us an email at sales@mobymotorsports.com.au. We endeavour to respond as soon as possible with the information you require.  As fellow boat enthusiasts, we make ourselves personally reachable and always take the necessary time.

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