Offering a complete service

In order to help you hit the water with confidence, it is key to us to offer a long-lasting and complete service. That’s why, when buying a Moby Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) you’ll also enjoy the following services

  • Material repairs of Hypalon and fibreglass
  • Production of completely new hoses
  • Leak detection, patching or seam reassembly
  • Integrate repairs into the design for the perfect look
  • Repair or replacement of transom mirrors
  • Bonding of floors
  • Bonding of hose and hull with RIBs
  • Preparation of boats for care or resale
  • With Moby you are also free to customise colours, materials and extra details to make your inflatable boat unique

Maintenance and Repairs

Moby doesn’t sell boats – we sell a complete service. Enquire about repairing your Moby Right Inflatable Boat (RIB) today.

It takes a lot for a RIB tube to puncture. In fact, most owners of quality RIB boats will never have to patch or replace their boat’s tubes throughout its lifetime. That said, through bad luck or rough use, a RIB boat may require a complete tube replacement or smaller mends, or repairs to the fibreglass hull at some point in its life. Unlike many other boat types that are often too expensive to repair once the accident happens, a quality Rigid Inflatable Boat can be repaired even following a serious hull breach or tube puncture. When it’s needed, Moby can provide it

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Tube repairs and replacements

There’s no secret that Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are the boat of choice in the military. But what is more unknown perhaps is that the benefits that make the army seek them out are also transferable to leisure boating.

Different boat manufacturers may use Neoprene, PVC or Hypalon tubes of varying quality and thickness, depending on their customer’s needs and budget. Where Neoprene and PVC are cheaper in price, Belgian-made Hypalon is much more durable and lightweight, and is easier to repair to boot. To offer a lasting product we use the thickest available Hypalon tubes on all our leisure boats. We use these because they have a 50 year proven history of excellence and longevity in Australia and worldwide.

Sure, our tubes may cost a little more, but in return they offer an unrivalled durability that pays off over time and through hardships. If your RIB’s tubes are punctured or otherwise damaged but the hull is still intact, replacing the tubes can be the cost saving solution you’re looking for. Does your Moby Rigid Inflatable Boat require a tube replacement? Whether you suspect a slow air leak, or you’ve got an unmissable puncture, we can help you get back on the water in no time. Contact us for an assessment today.

Hull Repairs and replacements

Has your Moby leisure boat struck submerged rocks or faced other damages? Moby provides comprehensive repairs services and fibreglass replacement hulls for all our models. Replacing a damaged hull rather than buying a brand new boat is sometimes a cost saving alternative. If the tubes are still in working order but the hull is compromised, we can completely replace your hull to bring your Rigid Inflatable Boat back into working order.

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